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Opal Northup was born 6/6/1889 in Brookfield, Mo. to William Otis Northup and Nancy Damerell. She was married on 02/22/1910 to Emmett Goody. She Died: 7/27/1969 and was Buried in Modesto, CA

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Opal Northup and Emmett Goody Family

Children of Opal Northup and Emmett Goody

Fay Mildred Goody Born 11 February 1912 in Emerald, ND Married 25 June, 1939 in Empire, Ca. to Arthur Nelson (b. in Empire)
Dorothy Goody B. 02 march 1913 in Westpoint, Ia M. 07 November 1937 to Earl Deseelhorst in Empire, Ca.
Doris Goody Born 02 March 1913 in Westpoint, Ia M. 01 December 1935 to Sam Huston in Modesto, Ca.